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We understand that your computer and network have become an intricate part of life and cannot be down for long periods of time.  While many support companies are only available 5 days a week from 9 to 5 and either try to charge double time or put your issues off til Monday, we are willing to establish the type of relationship that allows you to call anytime and we will respond with expediency and determination to resolve your issue as soon as possibile.

Computer Services in Fort Mill, SC
Networking - home/business _

We specialize in Network Planning, Network Implementation, Network Security, and Network Troubleshooting. We can help you get the maximum use out of your Exchange, Small Business and Terminal servers with  both on-site and remote support.  Our support includes troubleshooting, upgrades, new user set up and security updates.

PC Support & Installation _

Have you bought a new computer, printer, or just need a system cleanup.   Desktop and Laptop Maintenance plans to keep them running smoothly.  We come to you at your convenience.

Data Back Up Solutions _

Are you prepared in the event your computer systems crash?  If you're  like most, the answer is no.  Either you don't have a back up system or, if you do, it hasn't been checked since the day it was installed.  And that means you're putting data that's critical to your business at risk.  Let us remove the risk with one of our back up plans.

On Site and Remote Support _

Whether you are a home user or a business, you have the same choice of service.  We come to you at your location  at your convenience or if the situation is possible we offer remote services also.

Consulting / IT Solutions _

Are you planning an upgrade or change to your current computer infastructure?  We can help with the planning and implementation of the daunting task.  Or just looking for a company to handle the current needs of a smooth running operation.  We can help.

Internet Security _

Is your network secure?  Are you "locked down" so you don't have any unauthorized activity on your wireless network?  Do you need activity controls on your router set up?  We can help with all of these.

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